Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why "Periwinkle Puppy?"

So you may ask, "Why did you choose that name?" It was one of those email-to-Facebook things where you put in your "favorites" and come up with your stripper name, goth name, NASCAR remember it, right? Send it to all your friends - c'mon, it's fun! :) Well, turns out my detective name is "The Periwinkle Puppy." DH thought that was a good blog title, so here it is.

I will be writing about my day-to-day doings and my interests. So that includes teaching music in a small private university, singing, knitting, sewing, cooking, painting, dogs, decorating - you name it! I love opera, jazz, musical theatre, reading, yoga, the beach, God.

Currently, my opera workshop
(for which I am the teacher/director/coach/and general flunkie) is readying Mozart's "The Magic Flute." We're doing it in English; our school doesn't even have a venue for us to perform in, much less supertitles. I will no doubt be griping about the lack of facilities now and then. Those who know me and are reading this, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm a mom with a grown son who is the light of my life. I have a wonderful husband, who's been living miles away, because of work, for the past six years. We are readjusting to living together and not just visiting each other. Two of the cutest dogs God ever put on earth live with us: a Boston Terrier named Maggie May , and a funny little Shih tzu named Teddy Max. Of course, they answer to many mutations of their names.
We all live in central California, and are enjoying our Fall - always welcome after such hot summers!

Let's see: for the knitters - I have so many WIPs right now, and my main goal is to finish up at least several of them before starting new projects. It's so hard - I get serious spasms of startitis quite frequently! I'm finishing up my Cinnabar pullover so I can wear it soon; working on Lily Chin's Reversible cable rib shawl, too. I had hoped it would knit up faster than it is, so I will probably focus on those things close enough to completion to wear them this season - several pairs of socks, including 2 pairs for Socks for Soldiers, my Dream Coat...
These links are all to If you're a knitter or crocheter and NOT on - GO!! :) Get an invitation to join - it doesn't take long anymore at all. It's so much fun, and just indescribable. When I learn how to post pictures in here, I will show you......

That's me - I hope you'll enjoy my musings. C'mon back! .....dsf